Welcome to cocktail solutions by Road Soda Bar and Lima Limon Cocktails! This site is a simple
way for you to order cocktail mixes and have them shipped to you to use at your next event.

- Simply pick the brand you are working with and choose the cocktail you would like.
- We offer shelf stable garnishes for the cocktails
- We will ship the cocktail mix to you in time for your event.
- All recipes and garnishes are brand approved.

- Mixes are made with fresh ingredients and fortified with citric and malic acid to reinforce flavor. We gently heat the mixes to achieve our extended shelf-life.
- Mixes are shelf stable and the shelf life is 4 months before opening.
- Once open keep refrigerated and use within 2 weeks.

- At checkout make sure to enter the correct PID number correlating to your event as
well as the date the mixes are needed by.
- Please aim order 10-14 days prior to delivery day.
- Shipping is provided through FedEx and tracking will be shared once product ships.
- You will be alerted once we receive your order and again once your order has shipped.

- Simply add batch to a cup filled with ice, add garnish and that’s it!

- For events please mix each gallon bottle of mix with 6 bottles of liquor and 1 gallon of
- If batching into a keg all the ingredients will fit into a 5-gallon keg.
- If using another batching vessel please use a food safe vessel larger than 4 gallons.
- After ingredients are batched mix together, cover and use immediately.